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  • Shanta Plaza, Gyaneshwor
  • +977 1 4545941 / 4545942
Mr. Prakas Bikram Khatri

SuryaJyoti was formed after the successful merger of Surya Life and Jyoti Life Insurance Co. Ltd which is the first merger in the life insurance industry in Nepal. Through the amalgamation, SuryaJyoti is now one of the largest life insurers in Nepal in terms of Capital Base, Investment, Policyholders and Agents. The company also now possess one of the widest range of life insurance products to offer.

The synergy created has strengthened the foundation of the company in all aspects and has presented an excellent platform for it to start a new journey creating value to all it’s stakeholders. With a wider and extended distribution channel, experience and expertise the individual companies possess, economies of scale in operations and financial strength in the balance sheet, all of the stakeholders have a bigger role to play to propel the company to the next level not just in terms of business and profitability but adherence to corporate governance, prudent practices, customer service and professionalism. What was challenging in the past as an individual company shall now be within the realms of possibilities now. Hence, SuryaJyoti isn’t just a merger transaction but start of a transformation to be the best in the industry in all parameters.

I would like to congratulate the shareholders who have been truly supportive, our backbone, agency team members who have helped us grow and have been with us every step of the way, SuryaJyoti team who have made it all possible, our policyholders who have entrusted us and the regulators who have guided us in every step of the journey so far.

Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Prakash Bikram Khatri